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Damar International Ltd and Yato Tools supports The Junior Saloon Car Championship

At Damar International Ltd we believe in young talent and that why we are over the moon to announce that we will be supporting this years (2021) Junior Saloon Car Championship (JSCC) with our new range of Yato Tools!

Many young drivers in the Junior Saloon Car Championship are not just there to learn how to race but they also learn how their cars work and how to fix them when things go wrong and let's be honest something always goes wrong in the demanding environment of Motorsports.

That's why we will be offering all the young JSCC drivers and team a discount across the entire Yato Tools range to make sure that they can get the tools they need to keep there car/s running throughout the season and give them the best possible chance to bring home a shiny new trophy and a massive smile!

To find out more about the Yato Tools range click here

To find out more about the Junior Saloon Car Championship click here

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