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A pit board is a must have in almost all forms of motorsport and B-G Racing Pit Board Kits have been created to fulfill the requirements of race teams by offering a choice of two different size boards which include a full set of numbers and a protective carry bag that features internal pockets to keep the number set organised.

The Large Black Pit Board features an ergonomic tubular frame with an additional handle, 4 rows for displaying information and a top plate that can be used to personalise with a driver’s name, number or team logo.

Manufactured from lightweight T6 aluminium with a durable Black finish.

The 38 piece Number Set for the Large Aluminium Pit Board Kit includes numbers, letters, words and symbols. It is available in a choice of White, Hi-Vis Green, Hi-Vis Orange, Hi-Vis Pink or Hi-Vis Yellow.

The Carry Bag is produced from Nylon fabric and features flaps to ensure the numbers do not fall out of the pockets during transportation and a pair of removable and adjustable straps to make it effortless to secure the bag to a pit wall.


Part Number - BGR250BLA


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B-G Racing - Large Black Aluminium Pit Board Kit | BGR250BLA

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