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BGS technic plastic repair set for repairing cracks in plastic parts thicker than 1mm (for plastics with max 40% glass fiber content) for plastic bumpers, panels, brackets, etc.


This tool heats up the clamps to a temperature between 100 and 200° C so that they can connect the breaking points and bring back material stability.


Includes: control unit with connecting cable and grip, and following V-shaped repair clamps 0.6 mm, U-shaped repair clamps, Ø 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm


Output voltage (3 power levels): L (low) = 0.62 V (4.9 A), M (mid) = 0.66 V (5.2 A), H (high) = 0.68V (5.6 A)


Fuse: 500 mA (5 x 20 mm)


Part Number - 876

EAN - 4026947008738

Power supply frequency - 50-60HZ


Delivery could take up to 7 working days if not in stock.


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BGS Plastic Repair Set | 873

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