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Carrymate® Transport Grips are used in pairs and each grip can lift 100 kg, which makes them suitable for moving a wide variety of materials.


The point of contact to the material can be wherever it is most suitable for the user’s height and the user’s lifting arm and back remains straight.


The Carrymate 5 is the perfect tool for lifting and carrying all sorts of flat materials from 0-80mm like:


  • Sheet metal
  • Glass
  • OSB Boards
  • Drywalling
  • Counter tops
  • Lifts up to 100 kg (220 Lbs.) per grip.
  • Self-adjusting clamps
  • Sturdy aluminium construction
  • Absolutely non-slip in all span widths
  • Cushioned shaft prevents damage to the carried load.
  • Supplied in pairs.


Larger width spans are available contact us for more information.


Carrymate 5 - Transport Grips - Span Width 0-80mm

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