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The PD-200 is the perfect choice for driving really large posts. Available in two models for driving posts with a diameter up to maximum 135 mm and 175 mm. For smaller posts there is a big range adapters available. The weight of this machines also contributes to the enormous striking power. With just one moving part, this postdriver is nearly maintenance-free.


Comes with Throttle valve and Filter Regulator, lubricator kit with 5m hose.


Throttle vavle;

The throttle valve kit from Rhino is of high quality. This is equipped with a safety device so that the postdriver can not be activated unexpectedly. This throttle valve kit has also an protective advantage for your hand.


Filter Regulator, lubricator kit;

The Filter-Regulator-Lubricator of Rhino is essential for maintaining your pneumatic machine. This center filters, seperates the water from the compressed air, provides a constant air pressure and adds oil. This keeps your machine more resistant to, for example, rust and damage inside the machine. Comes standard with frame.

Rhino PD 200 Post Driver Kit

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