A Small Amount Can Get Rid Of The Toughest  Stains


Damar is one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of professional grade tools, toolboxes and other essential automotive hardware, yet the firm is also able to supply an array of equally important yet all too often ignored products, including its latest offering, Worx All-Natural Hand Cleaner.


It’s all too easy for mechanics and automotive technicians to overlook, or at least forget, the fact that they work with potentially harmful substances on a daily basis. Every car, from the oldest Punto to the most immaculate Ferrari, is stuffed with potentially harmful contaminants, liquids and other substances. These substances are of course vital to the car in question’s continued running, yet can cause irritation to the skin or, if accidentally ingested, far more serious damage to internal organs.


Worx All-Natural Hand Cleaner is the effective solution, and a product that no mechanic, from the humblest hobbyist to the best qualified professional, should do without, certainly if they value their health. While it’s true that there’s no shortage of hand cleaning products on the market at present, Worx stands apart in that it is plant based, 100% biodegradable and certified by both EcoLogic and Green Seal, meaning it has been approved as an environmentally responsible product. In practice, this means that it’s safe to use in all environments and scenarios, safe in the knowledge that doing so won’t harm mother earth.


Worx All-Natural Hand Cleaner’s green credentials aren’t merely good for the environment, it’s good news for your skin! Worx is 100% free from borax, phosphates, harsh solvents, petroleum products or mineral spirits, alcohol or antimicrobial agents, pumice, sands, soaps, nuts or legume shells, not something which can be said of less green alternatives from rival firms.


It’s important not to equate Worx’s green credentials with an inability to tackle stubborn automotive stains, as this is far from the case. In fact, they help make it what it is, an incredibly effective hand cleaner that’s proven to make short work of pretty much any contaminant you care to name. In short, it’s one of those rare examples of a product that’s a genuine win-win; kind to the environment, kind to your skin, and tough on stains!


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